Say "Thanks" To A Special Nursing Home Attendant With A Holiday Gift

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When you have an elderly parent staying in a nursing home, you'll likely be making regular visits. During these visits, even though your focus is on your parent, you'll often be able to quickly identify the nursing home workers who provide extra care – and always with a smile – for your loved one. Even if every worker does a good job, there will likely be some whose efforts stand out. While it's important to always make an effort to express your thanks for each person's care, the arrival of the holidays is an ideal time to thank a few special employees with holiday gifts. Here's how to proceed.

Gift Value

It's appropriate to give a gift with a value up to $50 to any nursing home attendant who clearly demonstrates an extra-special effort to make your parent's stay as comfortable as possible. Don't fret about having to give gifts for every employee – specifically think about those who consistently leave a positive impression in your mind. Depending on the health of your parent, you can also consider asking him or her which worker always goes out of his or her way to offer care and a happy smile to help identify the most-deserving candidates.

Choosing A Gift

If you visit the nursing home frequently enough, you might be able to pick a gift for the nursing home attendant(s) based on conversations you've had with the person. For example, someone who often talks about eating healthy might appreciate a gift card to a health food store. In cases in which you don't know much about the person, something more generic can still be effective at conveying your appreciation. In these scenarios, think about giving a gift card to a bookstore or perhaps a cafe that is located near the nursing home.

Including A Card

Instead of just giving your gift, it's polite to take a moment to write a card that expresses your thanks for the nursing home worker's care. Whenever you write a message of gratitude, it's ideal to be as specific as possible to help drive your point home. Instead of simply saying that you appreciate the person's care for your parent, specifically detail a few instances in which you either witnessed the person going above and beyond the call of duty or heard about such moments from your parent. These specific examples will make your card's message seem highly personal, rather than sound like a form letter.

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