Ways To Read The Bible In A Year

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Reading the Bible on its own can be a difficult task, even for those that have read it all the way through once or twice. The sheer volume, never mind the content, can make it hard to commit to, and some people just have favorite portions and would like to skip the rest. But the entire Bible has its merits, both in spirituality and in historical significance. If you want a challenge, reading the Bible in a year can be a very rewarding experience in both understanding the knowledge the book has to offer and in showing commitment to yourself and God. Here are a few ways you can go about reading it.

Beginning to end

This is the most common way for people to read the Bible. They start in Genesis and follow all the way through to Revelations. Reading it this way allows you to have all essential knowledge that this holy book can give you without having to find a special reading plan elsewhere. If you are going to take on this method, then you will need to read approximately three chapters of the Bible a day. This may seem like a lot, especially considering that some chapters are considerably longer than others, but no one said you couldn't pre-read if you want to speed through some of the quicker books!


If you are more interested in the books as they occurred in the history of time, then maybe consider reading the Bible chronologically. This requires you to jump around a lot more and find a reading plan from either online or from your minister that can detail what you should read each day, but it is a very rewarding experience to understand where you are chronologically in the history of the Bible.


If you want a completely different way to look at the bible, consider reading it historically. That is to say, read the books in the order that they were written historically. The changes in the writing tone and the way that it was written as the times progressed gives an interesting insight into the minds of the people writing. If you are interested in reading this way then talk to your minister about this style of reading plan, or look for an adequate one online.

There you have it, three completely different way to read the Bible, all of them interesting and will get you through the book within a year. This is a massive undertaking, and will require a lot of commitment, but is well worth it, considering all that you learn and gain from the experience. If this still seems daunting, or if you are looking for more preparation, churches like New Gethsemane Baptist Church offer Bible study. Attending Bible study will give you the opportunity to discuss principles and events to better understand them.