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Say “Thanks” To A Special Nursing Home Attendant With A Holiday Gift

When you have an elderly parent staying in a nursing home, you’ll likely be making regular visits. During these visits, even though your focus is on your parent, you’ll often be able to quickly identify the nursing home workers who provide extra care – and always with a smile – for your loved one. Even […]

Letting Go — Objects To Release As Part Of A Funeral Service

Besides being a time to honor a loved one, funeral services also play an important role in the healing process for loved ones left behind.  Physically releasing something into the sky either during or after a funeral can be a therapeutic step in this process,  Here are some ideas to consider incorporating into your memorial […]

Ways To Read The Bible In A Year

Reading the Bible on its own can be a difficult task, even for those that have read it all the way through once or twice. The sheer volume, never mind the content, can make it hard to commit to, and some people just have favorite portions and would like to skip the rest. But the […]

Why Joining A Youth Ministry Is A High Calling

Joining the clergy is perhaps the highest calling of a person of faith. Not all can handle the religious life, however. Some have to take vows of poverty, others chastity. All of this is a bit much for the average person. Yet, being able to help their church evangelize others is something many want to […]